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Established as a charity in 1971, The Friends support the work of the Bedfordshire Music Trust and the local music services, promoting and sustaining musical performance by the young people of Bedfordshire.

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The Youth Orchestra in Bedford Corn Exchange on 3rd January 2006, conducted by Michael Rose. The soloist is Tasmin Little.

Friends of Bedfordshire Youth Music

Over the last forty years the Friends have raised literally hundreds of thousands of pounds to help the Music Services of Bedfordshire and other youth music organisations within the county to develop an enviable reputation in youth music across the country. The money raised by the Friends during this time has come from individuals, companies and other charities who want to support young people as they have the opportunity to enjoy music making and develop new skills. Our supporters recognise the unique potential the arts in general have, and music in particular has, to communicate across the barriers of age, language and culture. Music is the universal language.

Support from the Friends has enabled:

  • Young people from families with limited income to be able to attend holiday music courses and Saturday Morning Music Centres;
  • Young musicians to participate in master classes;
  • Lower school, middle school and upper school students to have access to musical events locally;
  • Young people to have access to a supply of musical instruments that the Friends have bought for Bedfordshire’s Music Services;
  • Bedfordshire’s Youth Opera to put on its productions over the last forty years;
  • Bedfordshire’s Music Library to include numerous new sets of music;
  • Concerts to be recorded so parents and young people are able to recreate the performances in which they have participated.

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