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JokesWho Wants To Be A Bedfordshire Youth Musician

(Submitted by Concert Band Percussionist Gareth Lloyd)

  1. Before a full rehearsal you:
    1. Talk among your friends
    2. Play just to annoy everyone
    3. Fix your hair
    4. Practise the music
  2. On your way home from a hard day of playing you:
    1. Sleep
    2. Chat up some Youth Orchestra player
    3. Fix your hair
    4. Read through your part
  3. You drive a:
    1. Very old car
    2. Lorry or big van
    3. Mini Metro
    4. You don't have a car (mum and dad drive you where you want)
  4. Your part time job is in:
    1. McDonalds
    2. Can't keep a job for more than a week
    3. Wilkinsons
    4. Sainsburys
  5. Your last band date was a:
    1. String player
    2. Woodwind player
    3. Percussionist
    4. Brass player
  6. The first time you saw a drum solo you:
    1. Wondered where the trombones were
    2. Sat there drooling in amazement
    3. Asked where the clarinets are
    4. Said 'I can do that' sarcastically
  7. When members of your section call you they want to know:
    1. If you have any booze
    2. If they can hide a body in your house for a while
    3. If you want to go to the movies
    4. When the practise starts
  8. Your last date involved:
    1. Fast food
    2. You jumping out of a window trying to get away
    3. Your date jumping out of a window trying to get away
    4. Titanic
  9. When El Nino is mentioned you think:
    1. What a cool dance tune
    2. Damn El Nino, he owes me money
    3. This El Nino is Hell on my hair
    4. That El Nino is ruining the weather
  10. At your last party you:
    1. Got drunk
    2. Can't say due to fifth amendment rights
    3. Were defending yourself from drunk people
    4. Watched something involving Leonardo Di Caprio

If you answered mainly:

  1. You are a stereotypical brass player
  2. You are a stereotypical drummer
  3. You are a stereotypical woodwind player
  4. You are a stereotypical string player

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