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County Third Orchestra

When many students come into the 3rd orchestra, it will be the first time in their musical careers that they have experienced all the elements of the orchestra coming together under a single baton i.e. strings, woodwind, brass and percussion.

Entry to this orchestra is by audition on all instruments, and will depend upon the numbers required within the orchestra for each instrument. Entrants to the orchestra are normally from the 4th Orchestra, 3rd Band or from other courses in the area. Players should be of about Grade 4 standard.

Catherine RoseThis orchestra is conducted by Catherine Rose who works on a range of undertakings including arts and education projects, organisational development, evaluation and documentation. She is also a highly skilled writer.

The orchestra meets three times a year during school holidays. Auditions are held in September, but you can join during the rest of the year by contacting the Julia Smith at the Bedfordshire Music Trust.

To see a listing of some of the music recently performed by the County 3rd Orchestra click here.

Photos from County 3rd Orchestra courses can be found by clicking here.