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Second Band

Entry to the Youth 2nd Band is through audition from members of the 3rd Orchestra and 3rd Band, which take place two or three times a year, with the entry standard being approximately Grade VI.

This band is conducted by Elizabeth Schofield, a brass tutor on the County Music courses for 16 years, who plays the euphonium and trombone. Liz used to be a player in the County Bands herself!

In July 2004 the Band went on tour to Yorkshire, staying in York for three days, and performing several concerts in and around the East Riding of Yorkshire. If any members of the Band have more photographs of the Tour that they would be willing to share with us all please contact us.

In August 2002 the band, renamed 'The Bedfordshire Wind Band' for the event went to Glasgow & Edinburgh to take part in the Festival of Youth Orchestras.

Some members of the Band were interviewed, together with Carol Mayne for a radio program. Carol is the administrator of the National Association of Youth Orchestras in Edinburgh and organises the festival each year.

audioClick here to hear this interview which lasts about 5 minutes. (File size = 2.4Mb, in .wav format).

To see a listing of some of the music recently performed by the County 2nd Band click here.

Photos from County 2nd Band courses can be found by clicking here.