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Sarah Masterson

First, Hi to anybody who is reading this!

I started Bedfordshire 3rd Orchestra 5 (nearly 6) courses ago.- Easter 2006. I joined Bedfordshire Youth Music on this course because they needed some French Horn's.

When the chance came (in 2007) for auditions, I decided to take the opportunity to audition for a different group- Just for a change. So, I chose the audition for 2nd Band! I went ahead with the audition and made it. My first course with 2nd Band was X.mas 07; to begin with I hated it, but by the concent I was loving it! I made many new friends and cannot wait till the Easter Course- so I can see them all again. Horn's of 2nd Band, (if you're reading this) I love you guys> U Rule!

I am also going to Belguim in the Summer with 2nd Band, on tour!

February 2008

Alice O'Regan

'Sup guys.

I've been in 2nd band for a looooooong time (can't remember how long), and I love it! I play tenor horn and my section are all awesome people. We have some bizarre in-jokes (eg singing the music instead of actually playing it), and verbally abuse the flute section at every possible moment.

I'm really looking forward to the Belgium tour, even though I don't actually know where Belgium is.

March 2008

Isobel Perl

I started out playing my clarinet in third band, many years ago (around 2003-4 at the age of 10/11. Was persuaded to do so as parents were in the orchestras and some other relatives. Did a couple of courses in third band, but got bored easily of it all. A couple of years after leaving third band, I was invited to play in third orchestra as they were in need of another clarinetist and somewhat reluctantly decided to do so.

Turns out that becoming a part of third orchestra was one of the best decisions I ever made, and thoroughly enjoyed my first and all subsequent 3rd orchestra courses! Played in third for 2-3 years, moved onto second and played with them for a few years and enjoyed it immensely, made so many friends (who I now go busking with from time to time) and gained some invaluable experience from the orchestras. Also found that it helped my standard of playing hugely and made my academic study of music at school a fair bit easier as well.

Took a year off last year, due to starting university and impending illness- but this year I find myself back on form and decided to audition for youth orchestra and concert band. Didn't get my hopes up after my audition, but got in! So cannot wait to start my course in January with the Youth Orchestra and if enough people say they will go, hopefully get to tour Krakow with them in the summer!

October 2012

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